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51CrV4 alloy spring steel strip coil and sheet

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51CrV4 alloy spring steel

51CrV4 is a commonly used alloy spring steel, its name comes from its chemical composition and material performance characteristics. Here is a detailed description of this steel:

51CrV4 spring steel strip approximate comparison table

Country / StandardChina(GB)/ISCTaiwan (CNS)Japan (JIS)South Korea (KS)USA (AISI)/UNSInternational (UNS)Germany (DINEN/DIN)/W-Nr.France (NF EN/NF)European (EN)Russia (GOST)Sweden (SS)UK (BSEN/BS)
Steel Grade50CrVA/A23503SUP10SUP10SPS66150/G6150051CrV451CrV4/1.815950CrV451CrV450ХФА2230735A50

Jiaxiao MTC 51CrV4 alloy spring steel properties

High strength: Due to its higher carbon content and the addition of alloying elements, 51CrV4 steel has high tensile strength and yield strength, making it suitable for use in springs and elastic components that can withstand large stresses.

Good toughness: Although it is a high carbon steel, due to the addition of vanadium, 51CrV4 has good toughness and can resist crack expansion and fracture when subjected to large impact loads or fatigue loads.

Excellent fatigue properties: 51CrV4 steel has excellent fatigue resistance under repeated stress cycles and is suitable for manufacturing spring components that can withstand long-term dynamic loads.

Good hardenability: 51CrV4 steel has good hardenability, which ensures that even for springs with larger cross-section sizes, the core can obtain a uniform microstructure and required mechanical properties.

Good heat treatment properties: 51CrV4 steel is easy to undergo heat treatment, such as oil quenching and tempering, to achieve the required combination of hardness and toughness.

Good anti-decarburization ability: 51CrV4 steel has a certain ability to resist surface decarburization during heat treatment, which is beneficial to maintaining the mechanical properties of the surface layer.

51CrV4 alloy steel hardness

Hot rolled status:

Hardness: ≤321HB

Cold rolling + heat treatment status:

Hardness: ≤321HB

Heat treatment specifications:

 Quenching: 850℃±20℃

 Tempering: 500℃±50℃ 

 After completing these heat treatment steps, the steel strip will acquire the required mechanical properties and hardness.  51CrV4 spring steel is usually quenched and tempered and has good elasticity, fatigue resistance and toughness.

 It should be noted that the hardness of steel strips in actual applications may vary depending on specific heat treatment process parameters (such as heating temperature, holding time, cooling rate, etc.), material thickness, and subsequent processing.

51CrV4 alloy spring steel Mechanical properties

Tensile strength (Rm): ≥1000 MPa

Yield strength (Rp0.2): ≥750 MPa

Elongation (A): ≥10%

Impact energy (KV): ≥27 J (normal temperature, longitudinal direction)

51crv4 spring steel strip Physical properties

Density: approx. 7.8 g/cm³

Thermal conductivity: about 45 W/(m·K)

Elastic modulus (E): Also known as Young’s modulus, it represents the material’s ability to resist deformation within the elastic range. The unit is usually GPa (Giga Pascal). For 51CrV4 spring steel, its elastic modulus is approximately 210 GPa,

Melting point: approximately 1420 – 1465°C. For 51CrV4 spring steel, this melting point is much higher than conventional processing and use temperatures, ensuring that the material remains solid during conventional heat treatment and manufacturing processes.

51Crv4 alloy spring Steel Strip Application

51CrV4 spring steel strips are widely used in automobiles, rail transit, aerospace, machinery and equipment, household appliances, construction and infrastructure, sports equipment, military equipment and many other fields. It is an indispensable high-performance material in spring manufacturing.

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