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Классификация стали

Отожженная стальная полоса

Discover the versatility of our Annealed Steel Strip, a product refined through a meticulous heat treatment process. This steel strip, softened and made more malleable, offers exceptional formability and ductility. Perfect for diverse applications, it allows for easy shaping while maintaining structural integrity. Whether you’re in automotive, construction, or manufacturing, our Annealed Steel Strip adapts to your needs, embodying reliability and flexibility to enhance your production processes and product quality.

annealed steel

Annealed Steel Strip supplier

Precision meets pliability in our Annealed Steel Strip. Through controlled heating, it achieves enhanced malleability, ensuring effortless shaping for various applications. Experience the perfect balance of flexibility and reliability in manufacturing.

Production Process

Jia Xiao MTC stocks various styles of annealed spring steel, включая пластины из блестящей отожженной пружинной стали. The sizes and quantities provided can meet any requirements and can also meet professional customization requirements.

Steel is heated to ideal temperature

The ideal temperature is maintained for a predetermined time before the material slowly cools

The annealing process reduces material hardness and increases electrical conductivity

annealed steel strip
Классификация стали

Annealed Steel Strip advantage

Области применения

Области применения отожженной стальной полосы

Metal parts made from annealed steel strips

Hardware Tools Accessories

Annealed steel strip has good mechanical properties, wear resistance and toughness, and can be used in various door locks, shock-absorbing disc spring washers, shoe accessories, hairpins, and other hardware parts.
Lawn mower components made from annealed steel strip

коммерческое производство

Отожженная пружинная сталь, часто называют "общее назначение" сталь, это материал, обычно используемый в коммерческом производстве деталей, используемых в газонокосилках и транспортных средствах..

Car Manufacturing

Annealed spring steel strips can be used in car clutch diaphragm spring, friction plate, car seat belt buckle, seat slide, bearing ring, Car engine valve rocker arm, и т. д..
Annealed steel strip coils processed in annealing furnace
NumberAnnealed steel coil/sheet main application
1Manufacture of automobile body, шасси, engine and other components
2Manufacture of household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions
3Construction of building structures, мосты,
transmission towers and other buildings
4Manufacture of various types of machinery and equipment,
such as bearings, gears, chains, и т. д.
5Parts for trains, automobiles, ships and other vehicles
6Manufacture of oil and gas drilling equipment
7Annealed steel strips are also widely used in the aerospace field, such as the manufacture of aircraft, missiles, satellites and other equipment


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