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Band saw crafts show woodworking creativity and skills

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hardened and tempered steel coil

Common woodworking tools: band saw

A band saw is a common woodworking tool that can be used to cut wood of various shapes and sizes, from large logs to small pendants. The advantages of a band saw are small saw kerf, fast cutting speed, and the saw blade can flexibly change direction, which is suitable for cutting curves and edges. The disadvantages of the band saw are that the saw blade is easy to break, the cutting accuracy is low, and the adjustment of the saw blade tension and guide device is complicated.

Production steps of band saw crafts

Band saw crafts refer to various wood products made with a band saw. They can be practical, decorative, or both. Band saw crafts show the creativity and skills of woodworking and can be used to make various patterns, text, images, animals, plants and other images, as well as boxes, spoons, plates, rings, necklaces and other items. The production process of band saw crafts includes the following steps:

  1. Choose the right wood. The choice of wood should be determined according to the size, shape, use and style of the craft. Generally, wood with uniform texture, no knots, no cracks, and no insects should be selected. Hardness, color, texture, etc. should also be considered. The thickness of the wood should be suitable for the specifications of the saw blade, and generally does not exceed the maximum cutting depth of the saw blade.
  1. Draw or transfer the pattern. According to the design of the craft, use pencil or carbon paper to draw or transfer the pattern on the wood. The pattern should be clear and legible, and the sawing lines should be as concise as possible to avoid overly complex or small parts. The pattern should utilize the space of the wood as much as possible to reduce waste.
  1. Saw cutting pattern. Fix the wood on the workbench of the band saw machine, adjust the tension and guide device of the saw blade, select the appropriate saw blade speed and feed speed, and cut along the sawing line of the pattern. When sawing, pay attention to the direction and angle of the saw blade to avoid slippage or breakage of the saw blade and keep the saw edge straight. After sawing, trim the saw edge with a file or sandpaper to remove burrs and sawtooth marks.
  1. Sanding and painting. Use sandpaper of different grits to polish the crafts, from coarse to fine, to make the surface smooth and flawless. After sanding, paint the crafts with wood wax oil or other coatings to protect the wood and increase gloss and beauty.

The production of band saw crafts requires certain skills and experience, but more importantly, the selection and use of wood and saw blades. The saw blade is the core component of the band saw machine. Its quality and performance directly affect the sawing effect.

Saw blade selection and use

The selection and use of saw blades is related to the quality and efficiency of band saw crafts. The material, specification, tooth shape, tooth pitch, tooth tip hardness, etc. of the saw blade will all affect the sawing performance. Generally speaking, the material of the saw blade should be a steel belt with high strength, high toughness and high wear resistance, such as the continuously hardened steel belt produced by Jiaxiao MTC. They go through a special heating and cooling process to make the steel belt have high It has excellent toughness and elasticity and can withstand the impact and friction of high-speed sawing, extending the service life of the saw blade. The specifications of the saw blade should be selected according to the thickness of the wood and the depth of sawing. Generally, the width of the saw blade should be greater than 1.5 times the thickness of the wood, and the length of the saw blade should fit the size of the band saw machine. The tooth shape of the saw blade should be selected according to the hardness and texture of the wood. Generally, there are spur teeth, inverted teeth, helical teeth, etc. Different tooth shapes have different sawing effects and noises. The tooth pitch of the saw blade should be selected according to the density of the wood and the sawing speed. Generally, the larger the tooth pitch, the faster the sawing speed, but the rougher the saw edge. The tooth tip hardness of the saw blade should be selected according to the degree of wear of the wood. Generally, the harder the tooth tip, the more wear-resistant the saw will be, but the easier it will be to break.

When using a saw blade, you should also pay attention to some details, such as saw blade installation, tensioning, guidance, lubrication, cleaning, etc. The installation of the saw blade must ensure that the direction of the saw blade is correct. The tooth tip of the saw blade should face the direction of sawing. The back of the saw blade should be parallel to the tire of the band saw machine. The position of the saw blade should be appropriate, usually in the middle or slightly in front of the tire. The tension of the saw blade should be appropriate, not too tight or too loose. Too tight will cause the saw blade to deform or break. Too loose will cause the saw blade to slip or skip teeth. Generally, you can press the saw blade with your fingers, and the pressing distance is 6-10 mm. The guide of the saw blade must be accurate to ensure that the saw blade does not deviate from the sawing line during the sawing process. The position and angle of the upper and lower guide wheels must be adjusted so that the saw blade and the guide wheels fit closely, but do not squeeze too much and leave a gap. A certain gap. The lubrication of the saw blade must be sufficient. During the sawing process, lubricant should be sprayed on the saw blade, such as water, oil, soapy water, etc., to reduce the friction between the saw blade and the wood, prevent the saw blade from overheating or getting stuck, and improve the smoothness and saw edge of the saw. of smoothness. The saw blade should be cleaned in time. After sawing is completed, use a soft cloth or brush to remove wood chips, oil stains, rust, etc. on the saw blade to prevent the saw blade from becoming dull or rusty, which will affect the sawing effect and life.

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In short, band saw crafts are a fun and practical woodworking activity that can exercise the creativity and skills of woodworkers and produce a variety of beautiful and practical wood products. The production of band saw crafts requires the selection and use of appropriate saw blades, such as the continuously hardened steel strip produced by Jiaxiao MTC. They have high toughness and elasticity, can adapt to various sawing needs, and improve sawing efficiency and quality. If you are interested in making band saw crafts, you are welcome to visit the Jiaxiao MTC website, contact us online, get more information and services, and choose the saw blade that suits you.

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