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Cold rolled hardened&tempered steel strip coil and sheet

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c67 steel coil

Cold Rolled Steel Production Overview:

Cold rolled hardened and tempered steel strip coils and sheets are specialized steel products that have undergone a series of precise manufacturing processes to achieve desired mechanical properties. These materials are commonly used in applications where high strength, excellent wear resistance, and controlled hardness are critical factors, such as in the production of cutting tools, springs, automotive components, and various industrial machinery parts.

Manufacturing Process:

1.Cold Rolling:The initial process involves cold rolling the steel strip or sheet at room temperature or below its recrystallization temperature. This reduces the thickness of the material and enhances its surface finish while improving its dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and yield strength.

2. Hardening (Quenching): After cold rolling, the steel is heat-treated by heating it to an austenitizing temperature, which allows the carbon and other alloying elements to be uniformly distributed throughout the matrix structure. Once the desired temperature is reached, the material is rapidly cooled (quenched) to form a hard martensitic microstructure, resulting in increased hardness but also brittleness.

3. Tempering:To balance out the hardness with ductility, the quenched steel is then reheated to a specific temperature below the original hardening temperature. This tempering process helps relieve internal stresses and modifies the microstructure to achieve the right combination of hardness, toughness, and elasticity for the intended application.

Characteristics of Cold Rolled Hardened & Tempered Steel Strips & Sheets:

High Strength: Due to the careful control of the hardening and tempering process, these steel products exhibit significantly higher strength than their non-treated counterparts.

Wear Resistance: The hardened and tempered condition provides a tough, durable surface that resists abrasion and deformation over time, making it ideal for applications where friction and wear are concerns.

Dimensional Stability: Cold rolling ensures tight tolerances and flatness, which is crucial in applications requiring close fitting or machining.

Workability: Despite being hardened and tempered, these steels often retain some degree of workability, allowing for further shaping and forming operations if necessary.

steel sheet coils for tools


Cutting tools: knives, scissors, plaster knives, circular saw blades, wood saws, food saws, band saws, meat saws, etc.

Spring Manufacturing: Ideal for coil springs, rolling door fittings, leaf springs and torsion bars as they can withstand repeated bending without failure.

Auto parts: engine valve springs, transmission gears, suspension components, clutch plates, seat belt inserts, gaskets and automotive washers, etc.

Architectural Hardware: Hinges, door locks and door closers benefit from enhanced durability.

Electrical appliances and furniture parts: springs, clock springs, shoe irons, industrial knives, fasteners and load-bearing parts, etc.

steel sheet coils for tools
 Cold rolled hardened&tempered steel strip/ coil/ sheet.
Delivery condition

Grand based on DIN standardPrime steel strip/coil/shet heat-treated of commonly specifications, hardness, process method
 Cold rolledHardened&Tempered
High carbon steelCK45,K50,CK55, CK60,CK67, CK70,CK75, etc.0.08-4.0mm8-320mm0.08-3.0mm8-300mm
Alloy steel50CrV4,C75Cr1,51CrV4, 60Si2Mn etc.0.08-4.0mm8-320mm0.08-3.0mm8-300mm
 Stainless spring  steel420J2 etc.0.08-4.0mm8-1200mm0.08-3.0mm8-300mm
Edge processSlit / round / square.
ToleranceThickness +/-0.03mm max; width +/-0.05mm max
SurfacePolished (blue, yellow, white, gray-blue, black, bright) or Nature etc
Physical propertyTensile strength: 450-1850N/mm2
PackingEach bundle firmed with high tensile steel packing straps, then wrapped with water-resistant paper for standard seaworthy packing
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