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High-quality Cold-rolled Steel Strip, Coil, and Sheet

cold rolled annealed steel coil

Product Overview

Our cold-rolled steel strip are precision-engineered, high-quality metal materials extensively used in various industrial and manufacturing sectors. Utilizing advanced cold rolling technology, we ensure exceptional surface finish, superior mechanical properties, and outstanding dimensional accuracy.

Key Features

  • High Surface Finish: Achieved through precision cold rolling, the surface is smooth and flawless, suitable for high-end applications.
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties: High strength and wear resistance, capable of withstanding rigorous conditions.
  • Superior Dimensional Accuracy: Uniform thickness and minimal width tolerance, ideal for processes requiring strict dimensional control.
  • Outstanding Workability: Easy to cut, stamp, and bend, reducing processing costs and time.
  • Good Corrosion Resistance: Enhanced with surface treatment for strong resistance to corrosion, extending the product’s lifespan.


  • Automotive Manufacturing: Ideal for body structures, chassis, and various components, enhancing vehicle safety and stability.
  • Home Appliances: Widely used in the production of refrigerator and washing machine casings and internal parts, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Construction Industry: Suitable for building decoration and structural components, offering excellent durability and visual quality.
  • Precision Instruments: Used in electronics and medical equipment, ensuring high precision and stability for sensitive applications.

Customer Concerns

  1. How is product quality ensured?

    • We employ advanced cold rolling technology and a strict quality control system, from raw material procurement to processing, ensuring every coil of steel strip meets high-quality standards.
  2. Can the product be customized?

    • We offer various specifications and materials for cold-rolled steel strips and can customize dimensions and surface treatments according to customer requirements, catering to specific application needs.
  3. What are the lead times and inventory status?

    • We maintain substantial inventory and have an efficient logistics system, allowing for quick delivery of standard products. Custom orders, depending on complexity.
  4. How is after-sales service ensured?

    • We provide professional after-sales support, including technical consultations and product warranties, ensuring a worry-free experience for customers during use.

Professional Solutions

To better meet customer needs, we offer the following professional solutions:

  • Technical Support: Our expert team provides material selection and process consultation to ensure optimal product application.
  • Logistics Services: A fast and efficient logistics system guarantees timely delivery, reducing customer inventory pressure.
  • After-Sales Guarantee: We offer long-term quality assurance and comprehensive after-sales services, ensuring prompt resolution of any issues that may arise during use.

Contact Us

For more information on cold-rolled steel strips or any specific requirements, please contact our sales team. We are dedicated to providing professional consultation and services.

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