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High quality high carbon steel strip, improve your product quality

high carbon steel strip

JIA XIAO MTC Company specializes in producing and supplying high-quality high carbon steel strips, offering a wide range including CK50, CK55, CK60, CK67, CK70, CK75, CK80, and CK95 etc. These steel strips are widely utilized across various industries and fields.

Main features

Our products boast extremely high tensile strength and hardness, superior elasticity, wear resistance, as well as precise thickness and width control to ensure product consistency. We provide a variety of thicknesses and widths to meet diverse application needs.

Considerations for selecting high carbon steel strip

Hardness: High carbon content provides the steel with exceptional hardness suitable for manufacturing cutting tools and wear parts.

Strength: Its high strength makes it ideal for producing heavy-duty springs and industrial components.

Toughness: While increased carbon content typically reduces toughness in steel, we strive to strike a balance between strength and toughness.

Machinability: Due to its high hardness from the elevated carbon content processing can be challenging; professional heat treatment processes are necessary.

Main application

High carbon steel strip is commonly utilized in the production of automotive suspension springs, valve springs, clock springs, gaskets, industrial blades, cutting tool blades, clutch plates, elastic shutter doors, shoe irons and other components.

High carbon steel strip applications
High carbon steel strip applications

Product advantages

Quality assurance: We employ advanced production technology along with strict ISO 9001 quality system control to guarantee top-notch product quality.

Customer customization: Tailored products and solutions are provided according to customer requirements.

Technical support: Comprehensive technical support is offered alongside after-sales service to assist customers in resolving any issues encountered during use.


JIA XIAO MTC  high carbon steel strips are renowned for their outstanding performance across a broad spectrum of applications. They stand as an ideal choice for enhancing product quality and efficiency within industrial sectors

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