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high-quality cold-rolled heat-treated special steel strips-Jia Xiao MTC

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cold-rolled heat-treated special steel strips

Jia Xiao MTC specializes in providing high-quality cold-rolled heat-treated special steel strips. As a trade and industry integrated company, it boasts years of professional experience, serving customers in numerous countries and regions worldwide.

Office & Production Address:

  • Office: 2/F, Jiancheng Building, No. 326-328 Pingkang Road, Shatou, Panyu District, Guangzhou City.
  • Production Plant: No. 6 Zhengjiacun Er Road, Yuanhe Economic Development Zone, Xinyu, Jiangxi Province.

Raw Material Sourcing:

  • Primarily utilizes Baosteel billets.
High quality raw materials
cold rolled steel strip

Production Capacity:

  • Cold Rolling and Slitting: Thickness range from 0.1mm to 5.0mm, width from 10mm to 650mm, with a monthly capacity of 5,000 tons.
Cold rolling slitting line
  • Fully Hydrogen Bell Annealing Furnace: Capacity of 45 tons per furnace per batch, monthly output of 2,800 tons.
Full hydrogen
bell type annealing furnace
  • High Carbon Steel Heat Treatment Furnaces: 10 lines, each with a monthly capacity of 300 tons.
cold-rolled annealed steel coil
  • Polishing Lines: 2 lines, capable of producing 300 tons per month.

Key Equipment:

  • Stretch Leveling Line: 1 line for enhancing the straightness and flatness of special materials.
Steel strip stretched and flattened
  • Precision Slitting Line: 1 line, customizing material length according to customer requirements.
Steel strip slitting and slitting
steel striping

Testing Equipment:

  • Measuring tools for thickness, width, and length.
  • Hardness testing instruments.
  • Tensile strength testing equipment.
  • Metallographic structure testing device.


  • Products adhere strictly to relevant standards, receiving recognition from clients across various sectors.
steel coil factory
heat treated steel
  • Possesses patented trademarks and quality certifications, including Cgood, Liangde Hao, Hongsheng brand trademarks, a utility model patent for double-sided saw blades made of high-speed steel, and SGS material safety test certificates.
  • ISO9001 Quality Management System certified.
ISO 9001 Certifications

Corporate Culture:

  • Upholds the principles of innovation, quality, service, thrift, dedication, and gratitude.
  • Adheres to professional, efficient, and unique high standards, cultivating a highly skilled workforce knowledgeable about the industry.
  • Implements an entrepreneurial spirit and pursues high-quality development.
  • Committed to creating value for customers, opportunities for employees, and benefits for society.
cgoodsteel factory
steel coil

Contact Information:

Jia xiao MTC

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I really enjoy the tinplate industry because my job makes my customers’ products more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. If you have any questions about tinplate production, please feel free to contact me!

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