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High performance tool steel strip

tool steel strip

product description

Tool steel strip is a special type of steel that is widely used in various industrial fields due to its excellent hardness, wear resistance and high strength. We offer a variety of tool steel strips to meet different application requirements, ensuring that your products can still perform well under the most demanding conditions.

Main steel models

Jiaxiao MTC is mainly engaged in SK5, 1095,1080,1060,1045, T10 and other tool steels, supporting customized services.

Production process

We use advanced production technology to ensure that each batch of tool steel strips can meet the highest quality standards:

Raw material selection: Strictly screen high-quality raw materials to ensure the basic quality of the steel strips.
Precision rolling: Adopt precision rolling technology to ensure uniform thickness and smooth surface of the steel strips.
Heat treatment: Through professional heat treatment process, improve the hardness and wear resistance of the steel strips.
Surface treatment: Surface treatment of the steel strips, such as polishing, edge grinding, color making, etc.


Tool steel belts are widely used in the following fields:

Mold manufacturing: Suitable for all types of cold work and hot work molds to ensure high wear resistance and long life of the mold during use.

Industrial machinery: used to manufacture various precision mechanical parts, providing high strength and toughness.
Cutting Tools: Suitable for manufacturing various types of knives and tools to ensure they remain sharp under high-intensity working conditions.
Automobile manufacturing: Used to produce auto parts to improve the durability and safety of parts.

Product Features

Our tool steel belts offer the following unique advantages:

High hardness: Through advanced heat treatment process, the hardness of steel strip is significantly improved.
Strong wear resistance: high carbon and high chromium components ensure good wear resistance during long-term use.
Excellent processing performance: easy to machine and heat treat, improving production efficiency.
Good dimensional stability: even when used at high temperatures, dimensional changes are minimal.

Why choose our tool steel strips?

Quality Assurance: Each batch of tool steel belts undergoes strict quality inspection to ensure the high quality of the products.
Technical support: We have a professional technical team to provide you with all-round technical support from material selection to processing.

Customized services: Provide personalized customized services according to customer needs to meet special application requirements.
Fast delivery: Efficient production and logistics systems ensure that products can be delivered to customers quickly.

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