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How to Color Metal with Heat?

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Cold rolled spring steel strip coil with a blue finish treatment


When it comes to coloring metals through heat treatment, the process not only demonstrates the artistic potential of metallurgy, but is also a key aspect of manufacturing high-quality steel strip.

At Jiaxiao MTC, we specialize in the production of cold-rolled and heat-treated steel strip coils and sheets, including quenched and tempered steel strip, spring steel strip, annealed steel strip and stainless steel quenched steel strip materials, which often incorporate this transformative technology. To achieve the purpose of improving quality and attractiveness.

The Fundamentals of Coloring Metals via Heat Treatment

Heat coloring, or heat tinting, involves altering the surface color of metals by controlling the temperature and duration of heating. This method is particularly relevant to our portfolio of products, as it can enhance the durability and visual properties of various types of steel strips:

1. Hardened and Tempered Steel Strips: These precision-engineered strips are renowned for their strength and resilience after undergoing hardening and tempering processes. The controlled heating allows for the formation of a stable oxide layer on the surface, which can produce distinct hues while preserving the mechanical properties essential for demanding applications like saw blades.

2. Spring Steel Strips: With an inherent ability to withstand cyclic loading without permanent deformation, spring steel strips often benefit from heat coloring to indicate processing stages and ensure uniformity across large batches. By carefully applying heat, we create a visual signature that complements their unique stress-resistance capabilities.

3. Annealed Steel Strips: In the case of annealed steel strips, heat treatment softens the material and enhances its formability. While color changes may occur naturally during the annealing process, intentional heat coloring can be employed to provide additional aesthetic value or to distinguish between different grades.

4. Stainless Hardened Steel Strips: Known for their corrosion resistance and hardness, stainless hardened steel strips can achieve visually appealing colors when treated at specific temperatures. This coloring can serve as an identifier of quality control or add a touch of sophistication to components used in luxury or industrial designs.

Best Practices for Heat Coloring Steel Strips

For optimal results, several factors must be considered when heat coloring steel strips:

Temperature Control: Each type of steel reacts differently to heat, so precise temperature control is key to achieving desired colors without compromising the material’s integrity.

Quenching Techniques: Depending on the intended outcome, quenching methods can influence the final color and the microstructure of the steel strip.

Surface Preparation: Prior to coloring, thorough cleaning and degreasing ensure that the oxide layer forms uniformly and adheres well to the base metal.

Jiaxiao MTC – A Leader in High-Quality Heat-Treated Steel Strips

At Jiaxiao MTC, we pride ourselves on being a trusted provider of superior quality heat-treated steel strips for a variety of industries. Our state-of-the-art facilities and seasoned metallurgists enable us to offer customized solutions tailored to meet clients’ exact requirements. Whether you’re looking for hardened and tempered steel strips for your next batch of premium saws or need precisely colored spring steel strips for architectural elements, we have the expertise and technology to deliver.


While the art of coloring metal with heat provides a striking visual dimension to steel strips, it also serves as a testament to the advanced engineering and rigorous quality standards upheld by Jiaxiao MTC. As industry leaders in cold-rolled and heat-treated steel products, we continually strive to innovate and exceed expectations, ensuring our customers receive not just beautifully colored steel strips but also durable, reliable materials built to perform under the toughest conditions.

Remember, each hue represents a story – a journey through fire that transforms raw steel into vibrant works of practical art. Partner with Jiaxiao MTC to discover how our heat-treated steel strips can elevate your projects to new heights of performance and aesthetics.

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