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How to make a marl knife from high carbon steel strip

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Speaking of professional-grade tools, the humble plaster knife is a must-have for everything from drywall installation and trimming to woodworking and paint scraping. At Jiaxiao MTC, we specialize in manufacturing superior steel products – high carbon steel strips that are used by manufacturers around the world to make durable and reliable marl knives. In this blog post, we explore how Cgoodsteel’s insight into material selection aligns with our commitment to quality, delving into specific types of steel, their processing, and ultimately how these factors contribute to the superior performance of marl knives .

High Carbon Steel Strip for Trowel

Quality Pillar: High Carbon Steel Strip

The key to making a quality plaster knife is the selection of raw materials. High carbon steel strip is known for its hardness and strength and is the core of many high-quality steel strip products. These steel strips contain a higher percentage of carbon, typically over 0.6%, which provides enhanced edge retention and abrasion resistance, key properties sought after in tools designed for heavy-duty scraping and smoothing tasks.

Heat Treatment Processes: The Art of Tempering and Quenching

Industry leaders such as Cgoodsteel emphasize the importance of heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering when manufacturing steel belts for marl knives. Our Jiaxiao MTC company also follows strict heat treatment standards for high carbon steel strips. After rolling, the strip is heated to a critical temperature at which the austenitic structure is obtained. It is then rapidly cooled or “quenched”, transforming the metal into the hard and brittle martensite phase.

Subsequently “tempering” , whereby the hardened steel strip is reheated to a lower temperature and cooled slowly. This controlled process eliminates internal stresses, increases ductility, and optimizes the balance of hardness and toughness required for a long-lasting and functional marl knife blade.

Where craftsmanship meets technology: the production of putty knife blades

At Jiaxiao MTC, we are proud to offer high carbon steel strips that undergo a perfect heat treatment process to meet the stringent requirements of marl knife manufacturers. Our precision-machined steel strips are not only tough enough to withstand the rigors of scraping and spreading, but they’re also flexible enough to prevent cracking under pressure.

Our steel strips can be custom cut and shaped to fit a variety of handle designs and blade lengths, ensuring the final putty knife product combines ergonomic comfort with optimal performance. Additionally, the carefully controlled grain structure produced by our specialized heat treatment ensures consistent cutting edges and extended tool life.

Conclusion: Beyond the Others

The process of going from high carbon steel to a reliable putty knife requires a deep understanding of metallurgy and a commitment to excellence. By partnering with Jiaxiao MTC and utilizing our premium high-carbon steel straps, manufacturers can guarantee their marl knives will stand out in the market for their durability, functionality and overall craftsmanship.

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