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Jiaxiao MTC hardening&tempering process creates high-strength and tough steel strips

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Plastering knife, circular saw blade steel

Hardening&Tempering Process

An ordinary steel strip is reborn in a high-temperature flame. After precise quenching and tempering, it finally transforms into a high-performance material with extraordinary toughness and excellent elasticity.

Our quenching process is like a key step in giving life to steel. It heats the steel strip beyond its critical transformation temperature, causing a qualitative leap in its internal structure. Then, high-speed cooling technology is used to lock this power into every inch of the material. Although it seems hard and fragile at the moment, this is just the prelude to the magical change.

The subsequent tempering process is a perfect balance of toughness and flexibility. We precisely heat it to the appropriate temperature again, and maintain it at a constant temperature for a certain period of time under the protection of a strict inert atmosphere, so that the internal stress can be released and the hardness and toughness can reach the best balance. The resulting steel belt not only has high strength, but also exhibits unprecedented elasticity, which is enough to cope with various harsh environments and challenges.

Our achievements have been certified by many authorities, and the unanimous praise from many customers is the best testimony of our technological strength. Choosing our quenched and tempered steel strips means choosing a guarantee of quality and a leap in performance.

hardening&tempering process steel strip factory

A new level of continuous hard material processing – your professional heat treatment solution provider

Leading industry innovation, we are proud to launch the first high-end wiper blade production line in China, equipped with 13 top-level heat treatment furnaces, including a unique wiper blade specialized production line, as well as two high-efficiency lead quenching furnaces and nine precision heat treatment ordinary furnaces. Our hardware strength allows you to enjoy a stable production capacity of up to 1,500 tons per month. Regardless of the size of the order, we sincerely accept it – even customized production requirements of 500KG can be accurately met.

We are fully aware of the importance of every step, so we promise that all products will be shipped with formal invoices, traceable to their sources, and transparent throughout the process to ensure that you receive legal, compliant, and high-quality raw materials. Not only that, we strictly follow the packaging specifications. From the inside to the outside, whether it is the internal protection measures with strict craftsmanship, or the outer packaging and labels designed according to the personalized needs of customers, we strive to achieve the ultimate perfection, so that every choice you make is full of Trust and satisfaction.

Choosing us means choosing a professional guarantee and a persistent pursuit of quality. Here, we not only provide hard material processing services, but also help you solve production problems and realize your desire to upgrade efficiency.

Quenching and tempering steel strip

Industrial Strong Choice- Customized hard-material processed steel strip to create your exclusive “steel armor”

In the pursuit of outstanding performance and durability, we present to you a powerful new star in the industrial field – steel belts for continuous hard material processing. With its unique customizable hardness (38-53HRC), this steel strip not only meets the hardness requirements in various harsh operating environments, but is also an ideal partner for your personalized solutions.

The tensile strength of our steel strip is as high as ≥1100-1800Mpa, which means it can maintain a stable shape under extreme pressure, effectively prevent breakage and deformation, protect your equipment, and achieve both efficiency and safety.

Not only that, we pay attention to details and carefully provide a variety of surface treatments such as blue, polished, yellow, white, etc. to meet your different needs for aesthetics and anti-corrosion performance.

Continuous Hard Material Handling Specifications

Selected from CK45 to CK75, SK5 to SK85, as well as 51CrV4, 60Si2Mn, 420J2, T8, T10A and other high-quality materials, our hard materials have excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance, providing strong durability for your equipment and parts. “Skeleton”.

The thickness ranges from a subtle 0.10mm to a solid 3.00mm, and the width spans from a delicate 2mm to a wide 300mm, which can be flexibly adapted to various application scenarios. Whether it is precision instruments or heavy equipment, you can find an ideal matching solution.

The hardness is as high as 38-53hrc, ensuring the material’s stability and durability under complex working conditions. At the same time, we provide a variety of surface treatment options such as blue, yellow, and white, as well as polishing processes, making the hard material not only solid on the inside, but also outstanding on the outside.

What’s even more considerate is that we also provide edge processing methods such as flat edges, round edges, square edges and 2ER, allowing you to experience professionalism and ingenuity in the details. Every inch of hard material carries our persistent pursuit of quality and our firm commitment to help you achieve efficient production.

Choosing our continuous hard material processing specifications means choosing a kind of trust, a kind of strength, and a kind of excellent quality that exceeds expectations.

TSurface finish

Heat treated steel strip surface color

Edge processing

Heat treated steel strip Edge processing

Innovative applications of hardened and quenched steel strips

In the torrent of modern industry, we know that every millimeter of material carries the possibility of reconstructing the future. Hardened and quenched steel strip is rewriting the industry rules with its excellent performance, bringing unprecedented efficiency improvement and cost optimization to your business.

1.Customize your cutting tool—professional-grade C67S to AISI420J2 band saw blades :

Customized steel belt for saw blades

You can easily cut meat, wood or a variety of materials using the strip steel we offer that is processed into a band saw blade that cuts accurately and is durable. Our professional grade C67S, C75S, SK5, C75Cr1, 51CrV4, AISI420J2 series strip steel is the efficient solution you have been waiting for.

The width range is wide, from the delicate 6mm to the generous 260mm, and the thickness can be selected from 0.4 to 1.83mm according to needs, ensuring that each saw blade can perfectly adapt to different cutting scenarios. Our meat cutting band saw blade specifications are 0.5612.7/16/19mm, and its sharpness and toughness can withstand the rigorous test of the market; for wood cutting, we provide 0.5-0.925.4-38mm, 1.0/1.07/1.132/38 /40/45mm, 1.2-1.67101-265mm and other specifications are available, giving every inch of your wood new life.

Not only that, we always adhere to “customer demand-oriented”. If you have special size requirements, we can also customize production according to your personalized requirements.

2.Durable and comprehensive range of roller shutter door springs:

Durable and comprehensive range of roller shutter door springs

Are you looking for durable, precise and fully specified steel strips for rolling door springs? Let our rolling shutter spring series steel strips become your worry-free choice! Top-grade C67S, C75S and C80S steel grades, offering superior strength and durability, are designed to meet the stringent demands of a variety of high-strength rolling door systems.

With a wide range of sizes, from 1.030mm to 1.660mm, we can provide just the right support, whether it’s a small shop or a large warehouse. Not only that, if you have special size requirements, we can also flexibly customize them according to customer needs, truly achieving “your needs, our standards”.

3.C67S/C75S/SS420J2 high-end construction scraper

Customizable steel strip for construction scrapers

In the field of construction engineering that strives for excellence, a high-quality scraper is like a paintbrush in the hand of an artist, carrying the dual mission of quality and efficiency. The C67S, C75S and SS420J2 series of steel belts for construction scrapers we launched are your key tools for achieving excellent construction results.

The top-grade steel material is selected to give each steel strip excellent wear resistance and bending strength. Whether it is faced with plaster, gypsum or putty, it can handle it with ease, making every application smooth and free, showing professional-level delicate craftsmanship. .

Various sizes and specifications, the standard size of 0.4/0.5/0.6*100-120mm accurately matches the needs of various scrapers. Whether it is a plaster knife, a plaster trowel or a putty knife, we can tailor it for you to ensure that every inch of material is All perform to their maximum effectiveness.

Not only that, we are well aware of the diversity of customer needs. For any special size requirements, we are committed to flexible production according to your actual needs, so that you are no longer limited by standard specifications in the pursuit of excellence.

4.C67S/C75S springs, gaskets and clock springs:

Gaskets, springs, and watch springs made of Jiaxiao MTC spring steel

In a world that pursues superior performance and precision, every tiny detail determines the success or failure of a product. We focus on creating the core “pulse” for all walks of life – various springs, gaskets and clock springs made of high-quality C67S and C75S steel to meet your stringent requirements for strength, durability and precision.

Our spring range not only covers standard specifications, but can also be customized to meet your unique needs.

5.Safe driving, quality travel—your preferred solution for auto parts:

We know that every auto accessory is a fulfillment of our commitment to safety and our pursuit of excellent performance. Seat belt buckle accessories, high-efficiency wiper blades, and high-quality clutch diaphragm springs are all carefully made from top-grade materials C67S, C75S, 51CRV4, and SK5 steel belts.

Seat belt buckle accessories are like your personal bodyguard. They use rigorous craftsmanship and durable materials to ensure secure locking at critical times, allowing you to ride worry-free. With its excellent wear resistance and clarity, high-performance wiper blades can give you a bright vision no matter it is windy, rainy or dusty, making driving more calm and confident.

The clutch diaphragm spring is made of industry-recognized high-strength steel, which has excellent fatigue strength and durability, ensuring smooth and smooth gear changes every time, improving driving control and extending the service life of the vehicle’s transmission system.

We will use our strength to prove the reliability and professionalism of Jiaxiao MTC. When you choose us, you choose safety, comfort and lasting trust.

6.Steel belts for knives, rice cooker gaskets and shoe accessories:

Steel belts for knives, rice cooker gaskets and shoe accessories

In every detail of your daily life, we are committed to creating the “behind-the-scenes hero” of excellent quality – high-strength, high-wear-resistant professional-grade knife steel belts, giving each knife a long-lasting sharp soul, allowing you to Enjoy the joy of cooking art; and our rice cooker gasket steel belt, with its excellent high temperature resistance and insulation effect, silently protects the safety and deliciousness of every home-cooked meal, adding peace of mind to your dining table .

Not only that, we have also launched special steel straps for shoe accessories. With strict craftsmanship standards and ergonomic design, we give the shoes stronger vitality. Whether it is outdoor adventures or urban walks, you can combine comfort and durability. Find the best balance between them.

Product packaging

Each coil is light oiled and then wrapped in plastic film and anti-rust paper and put into 20ft container for standard sea worthy

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