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Jiaxiao MTC specializes in manufacturing stainless steel with specific hardness levels in China

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hardened stainless steel strip

Discover different types of hardness stainless steel strip offered by Jiaxiao MTC, a leading hardened stainless steel strip manufacturer based in Panyu, Guangzhou. Learn about their characteristics, applications, and material grades to make informed purchasing decisions.

Hardened stainless steel strip come in several distinct hardness categories:

1.Soft (HV150) Stainless Steel Strip 

This hardened stainless steel strip is particularly suitable for manufacturing products requiring deep drawing and bending processes. It is commonly used in the following areas:

  • Deep Drawn Manufacturing: 

This process is critical in making everyday items like cookware, tableware, and bathroom fixtures through deep drawing techniques.

  • High-Precision Metal Parts Production: 

Utilized for manufacturing highly precise metal parts like springs, connector shells, and sensor parts with outstanding performance characteristics.

  • Packaging Applications: 

Essential in food packaging, where materials are formed to make containers and tin cans with tight-sealing edges, offering superior foldability and ensuring safe, tamper-proof seals.

  • Mechanical Parts Fabrication: 

It’s involved in creating both flexible and sturdy parts for valves, piping components, and machinery, balancing formability with the necessary structural integrity.

  • Architectural Decoration:

Used to fashion complex, curved decorative elements in architecture, such as aesthetic trims and artistic room dividers, fusing practical function with visual appeal in architectural design.

2.1/4 Hard (Above HV180) Stainless Steel Strip 

With significantly increased hardness compared to soft conditions, it’s widely used in general industrial settings. It maintains both ductility and corrosion resistance while enhancing load-bearing and wear resistance. Common applications span across various fasteners, mechanical structure components, electronic component protective shells, automotive parts, and home appliance assemblies, meeting diversified manufacturing needs that require a certain level of material hardness.

3.1/2 Hard (Above HV310) Stainless Steel Strip 

This specific kind of steel strip has a moderate hardness level, striking a balance between being easily shaped and strong. This type of stainless steel is perfect for products that need some bending or shaping, like car parts, home appliances, springs, clips, and more. It’s designed to hold its form after production but also offers enough flexibility during manufacturing to accommodate customization. 

4.3/4 Hard (Above HV370) Stainless Steel Strip 

“The ‘3/4 hard’ label indicates that the material has reached a hardness level that’s somewhere between fully soft (annealed) and completely hardened, achieving a balance between hardness and toughness. The exact microstructure—such as austenite, martensite, ferritic, or duplex—will vary depending on the specific type of stainless steel used, which in turn influences its properties and suitability for different uses.

Hardened stainless steel strips boast an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio along with robust corrosion resistance and formability. These attributes are achieved by rolling or drawing the material into shape and subsequently subjecting it to a partial annealing process. This versatile material is commonly utilized in the production of springs, automotive parts, aerospace components, and numerous industrial machinery applications.”

5.Fully hard ( Above HV430) stainless steel strip

 Provides superior hardness and wear resistance, ideally suited for demanding industrial environments in construction and petrochemical industries.

  • Construction Industry:
    • High-strength fasteners and connectors in high-rise buildings and bridge structures, e.g., high-strength bolts, anchorages.
    • Weather-resistant components in facade decoration and curtain wall systems, such as stainless steel hangers and support members.
    • Parts that must withstand long-term pressure, friction, or corrosion effects within building structures.
  • Petrochemical Industry:
    • Wear-resistant linings, corrosion-resistant pipes, and valve components in chemical equipment, e.g., pump casings, valve seats, sealing rings.
    • High-wear parts in oil drilling and transmission equipment, like sucker rod couplings, pump cylinder inner protection layers.
    • Key components under extreme conditions in high-temperature, high-pressure equipment such as hydrogen reactors and heat exchangers.

6.EH (Above HV490) and SH (Above HV530) Hardened Stainless Steel Strip 

The EH (with a hardness exceeding HV490) and SH (exceeding HV530) series stainless steel strips represent the pinnacle of hardness and strength, specifically engineered for extreme high-strength applications. These grades of hardened stainless steel strips each boast unique features and offer varying practicality based on specific needs and uses.

Our material offerings include different grade stainless steels

 such as SUS201, SUS301, and SUS304. In simple terms, SUS201 offers a high cost-performance ratio with corrosion resistance and ease of forming; SUS301 is renowned for its exceptional tensile strength, often used in the manufacture of springs or high-pressure components; while SUS304 combines excellent strength with superior corrosion resistance, finding wide application across numerous scenarios.

Regarding processing dimensions, our stainless steel strips are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.20mm to 1.5mm and widths spanning from as narrow as 10mm up to a broad 400mm, thus flexibly catering to diverse industrial production requirements. More importantly, we can customize product hardness, coil weight, and surface finishing effects according to your specific demands, ensuring every item leaving our factory precisely meets your individualized needs.

It’s worth noting that higher hardness stainless steel may involve more complex processing and potentially increased costs due to the requirement for more specialized equipment and technical support. Therefore, when selecting the hardness grade of stainless steel strips, you should consider both the extreme strength required for actual applications and the feasibility and cost-effectiveness during the manufacturing process. We will approach this from your perspective, offering professional and thoughtful advice and services tailored to your needs.

Jiaxiao MTC, known for its top-notch steel strip, excels in advanced heat treatment processes. They not only produce hardened stainless steel coils and sheet products but also offer tailored solutions for cold-rolled, annealed, and heat-treated (hardened & tempered) steel strips, plus tin-coated steel sheets and coils. The company is dedicated to providing superior steel strip goods that have earned them both market approval and customer favor.

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Stainless steel scraping before packaging
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