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Jiaxiao MTC Steel Coil And Sheet FAQ

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hardened and tempered steel strip coil and sheet

Q1.Are Your Products Suitable For The Global Market?

Yes, Jiaxiao MTC is a high-quality steel strip supplier operating globally. Our products are widely used around the world and comply with international standards and industry specifications, and can adapt to the market needs of different countries and regions.

Q2.How To Choose The Steel Coil & Sheet That Suits My Business Needs?

To ensure that you get the most suitable steel strip product, please contact our professional technical support team. They will recommend relevant products to you based on your specific needs, and then check whether the product material grade  thickness, production efficiency requirements and other parameters are suitable for you. Match your needs and accurately provide you with personalized product recommendations and solutions.

Q3.How Do You Handle The Delivery And Logistics Of Steel Strip Products?

Jiaxiao MTC has a complete global logistics network. We can quickly respond to orders and arrange safe and efficient international transportation to ensure that products are delivered to any corner of the world on time. At the same time, we provide necessary packaging and documentation support for all export products to comply with various countries’ customs regulations.

Q4.After Purchasing Jiaxiao MTC’s Steel Strips, Can We Provide After-Sales Service And Technical Support?

Of course. Jiaxiao MTC attaches great importance to customer service. We not only provide good quality steel products, but also have an experienced after-sales team to answer customers’ usage questions at any time, and provide maintenance suggestions and necessary technical support.

Q5.Have Your Products Passed Quality Certification?

Yes, Jiaxiao MTC strictly follows the ISO quality management system and has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, ensuring that every steel strip shipped from the factory meets or even exceeds industry standards, providing customers with absolutely reliable quality assurance.

Q6.In What Fields Are Jiaxiao MTC Steel Strip Products Mainly Used?

Jiaxiao MTC’s steel strip products find applications in various fields. Let’s explore where they are commonly used:

Tinplate Coil And Sheet :

mainly used to manufacture metal packaging, such as canned food, beverages, chemicals, medicines, sanitary products, paints, sprays, cosmetic bottle caps, etc.

Hardened And Tempered Steel Strips:

After heat treatment, steel strips of different colors such as blue, white, and yellow can be obtained, which can be used in the following fields:

1.Saw blades: wood saws, meat saws, food saws, circular saw blades.

2.Construction field: It can be used to make scrapers for rolling shutter door springs, bricklaying trowels, plaster knives, putty knives, etc.

3.Automotive field: can be used in automobile clutch diaphragm springs, wiper blades, safety buckle accessories, new energy vehicles, electric vehicles/battery vehicles/car battery belt steel buckles, etc.

4.Other metal accessories: can be used for electric plastering blades, lawn mower blades, short knives, long knives, insoles and toe caps, rice cooker gaskets, washers, clock springs, etc.

Stainless Hardened Steel Strip:

The stainless steel strip coils and sheets in grades 201, 301, and 304 are widely used across multiple sectors due to their respective performance characteristics:

Stainless Steel Grade 201

● Applications for Strip Coils & Sheets:

● 201 stainless steel, which is relatively more cost-effective, is suitable for applications where moderate corrosion resistance and strength are required but not the highest level.

○ Home Appliances: kitchenware (note that its corrosion resistance is limited in humid environments and it’s not ideal for prolonged contact with water or acidic/alkaline substances).

○ Decorative Materials: architectural decorations, door and window frames, furniture accessories, etc.

○ Base Industrial Products: lower-end hardware components and structural parts that do not come into contact with food or chemical raw materials.

Stainless Steel Grade 301

● Applications for Strip Coils & Sheets:

● 301 stainless steel is known for its high strength and excellent ductility after cold working, with significantly increased tensile strength as deformation increases.

○ Automotive Industry: manufacturing automotive components such as exhaust system parts and fasteners, taking advantage of its good formability and enhanced strength.

○ Electronics and Electrical Industry: production of springs, clips, connectors, and other parts requiring good elastic properties.

○ Structural Components: various mechanical and equipment parts that demand high strength and fatigue resistance.

Stainless Steel Grade 304

● Strip Coil Applications:

● One of the most commonly used austenitic stainless steels, 304 offers excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties.

Food Industry: fabrication of food processing equipment, beverage filling machines, kitchen equipment, due to its superior corrosion resistance and hygiene.

Chemical Industry: creation of chemical equipment, pipes, storage tanks, valves, resistant to a variety of chemical media.

Architectural Decoration: interior and exterior decoration, curtain walls, window and door frames, elevator panels, etc.

Automotive Manufacturing: certain components, particularly those requiring good corrosion resistance in decorative and structural roles.

● Sheet Applications:

Building Structures: water supply systems in high-rise buildings, façade structures, waterproofing layers on roofs, etc.

Medical Devices: surgical instruments, medical equipment housings, and pharmaceutical production machinery.

Engineering Projects: bridges, large-scale infrastructure support structures, etc.

Transportation: vehicle interiors, train and ship decoration and functional components.

In summary, stainless steel strips and sheets in grades 201, 301, and 304 play crucial roles in their respective appropriate application areas. The choice of material depends on specific application conditions, performance requirements, and cost considerations.

Annealed Steel Strip:

At present, the main types of annealed steel strips we produce include: full hydrogen annealing, spheroidizing annealing, and general annealing. Can be applied to:

1. Automobile manufacturing industry: automobile clutch diaphragm springs, friction plates, automobile seat belt buckles, seat slides, bearing retaining rings, automobile engine valve rocker arms, etc.

2. Various door locks

3. Shock absorbing disc spring washer

4. Footwear accessories, etc.

5. Hairpins, pins, etc.

Q7.What Is Jiaxiao MTC Company? What Kind Of Steel Strip Products Do You Mainly Supply?

Jiaxiao MTC is a global supplier specializing in the production and export of high-quality quenched and tempered steel strips, cold-rolled annealed steel strips, alloy steel strips, and stainless steel steel strips. It can meet the customized needs of different industries in terms of thickness, width, material, etc.

Q8.What Are The Advantages Of Jiaxiao MTC’s Steel Strips? Why Choose Your Product?

Jiaxiao MTC’s steel strips have excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, flatness and long life. We strictly follow international quality standards such as ASTM/AISI, EN, JIS, etc., and ensure the stable and reliable performance of each batch of products through advanced production equipment and rigorous quality control processes. In addition, we provide comprehensive customer services, including technical support, customized solutions, and efficient global logistics services, so that customers can purchase our products with confidence.

Q9.Can Jiaxiao MTC Provide Samples For Testing? And How Long Is The Material Delivery Time?

Yes, we are more than happy to provide samples to potential customers for their testing and evaluation. Regarding delivery time, it generally depends on the specific specifications and quantity of the order, but we will try our best to maintain a quick response and provide accurate delivery. Please contact our sales staff for a detailed quote and estimated delivery time.

Q10.What Is The Weight Of Each Roll?

The weight of each coil of Jiaxiao MTC steel strip depends on several factors, such as the thickness of the steel, the width of the strip and the length of the coil. These dimensions vary based on customer requirements and product specifications.

Q11.What Is The Difference In Quality Ck75 And Sk5?

Different chemical composition,Different carbon content,Sk5 quality is better than Ck75 for tool application .According to the end use, different uses, different requirements 

Q12.Why Do The Spring Steel Strips Of Rolling Shutters Have Different Shades Of Blue?

The varying shades of blue color of rolling shutter door spring steel strips are caused by differences in surface treatment and material composition during the production process. In industrial products, spring steel strips are often treated with anti-rust treatment or coated with anti-corrosion paint to increase their corrosion resistance and service life. The heat treatment process, temperature, speed, and shielding gas action lead to the color change of the oxide film on the surface of the steel strip, mainly because it can have good strength and anti-rust effectPossible causes of different shades of color include:

Q13.Which Grade Is Workable For Clutch Parts?

According to end users demands,  the material grated to be used High frequency

Of guards are CK67, CK75, 51CrV4 , 60Si2Mn etc

Q14.What Is The Source Of Hot-Rolled Steel Strip Raw Material?

Hot material produced by Bao Wu steel

Q15. The Functions Of Acid Washing Process

The acid washing process, also known as pickling or acid cleaning, is a chemical treatment method widely used in various industries to remove impurities, rust, scale, and other contaminants from surfaces.

Q16.The Functions Of Cold Rolled Process

To reduce the thickness of cold rolled coils until the required thickness is reached as well as accurate dimension tolerance.

Q17.Why Can Only The Surface Of A Steel Strip With A Thickness Of 0.1mm Be Bright, Not Polish?

Because the thickness is too small, polishing is so difficult.

Q18.What Are Features Of Heat-Treated Steel Strip?

wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-strength, suitable for various engineering and industrial fields!

Q19.List The Common Dimensions Of Heat-Treated Steel Strip

Common steel strip specifications include: thickness , width , hardness , finish surface.

Tolerance & Straightness , coil weight , coil ID , package etc.

Q20.What Is S50C Material?

S50C=ck50,Middle carbon steel.

Q21.What Is C100 Material?

C100=T10,high carbon steel.

Q22.What Are The Edges Of Annealed Steel Strips?

Generally slit edge.

Q23.What Is 1095 Material?

1095=T10A,high carbon steel.

Q24.Could You Provide Ni2% Steel?

yes, we can supply,the MOQ 50tons

Q25.The Role Of Annealing

The Annealing process changes the mechanical properties of the steel to increase the ductility and makes steel softer.

Q26.What Factors Affect The Shape, Flatness And Straightness Of The Steel Strip?

Acid washing,cold rolling and slitting,raw material, temperature.

Q27.What Are The Production Processes Of Rolling Shutter Spring Steel?

Hot rolled steel coil–acid washing –cooling–slitting–scraping–heat treatment–packaging.

Q28.What Is The Width Range Of Slitting?

The cutting width range is 8-300mm.

Q29.What Is The Hardness Can We Produce? What Is The Application?

Hardness scope :   Annealed  <200HV    Cold rolled  200-260HV    Hardened and tempered  36-53 HRC

Construction tool : like Bricklayer trowel, Plaster trowel,  Putty knives ,scrape

saws blade :  Band saw blade, Hack saw blade,  Circular Saw Blades,  Gang Saw Blade,Power trowel blade,Lawn trowel blade,Reaper blade,Kinfe blade.

Shoe accessories:Shoe insole ,Shoe shank, Shoe shank, Toe Cap

springs:Flat spring, rolling shutter spring, toy spring,spring baskets

Kinds of spring:Washer, eyelet, metal clips, appliance /door spare parts, and furniture/ accessories, etc.

Auto components and others :clutch discs/washer, Wiper blade ,seat belt spring.etc.

Q30.What Is The Material Our Factory Manufacture In Usually?

CK45,CK50  CK55  CK67,CK70 , CK75, 51CrV4 , SK5, SK4 , SK51 , 75Cr1,60Si2Mn D6A ,X32 , B318.

Q31.What Is The Size  Scope Can We Make,And The Tolerance?

Thickness:0.10-6.0mm, Width:2-1250mm, Thickness tolerance:+/-0.03mm, Width tolerance:+/-0.1mm.

Q32.What Is Surface For Steel Strip, And Their Respective Application Ranges And Market Scope?

Annealed surface :bright.

Heat treatment surface:nature, blue,polished-white,polished-yellow, it can be made according to the user’s demands.

Q33.The Same Size, The Same Material, The Lower The Hardness, The Higher The Price, Why?

Hardness is determined by temperature and speed. The temperature is constant, the speed is slow, the hardness is low, the speed is fast, and the hardness is high.The slow speed is high power consumption, low output, and high cost.

Q34.What Is The Material,Hardness,Surface,Edge Used Well In Rolling Shutter Spring?

It is  GARDE OF CK67, C67S , CK75 ,42-48HRC,blue and rounded edge 

Q35.The Production Process Of Cold Rolled Steel Strip

Acid washing, cold rolling,annealing, coild rolling again.(The number of annealing depends on the required thickness).

Q36.What’s The Application Of Anneal Steel Strip?

Toe cap, shoe shank, auto parts, metal clips, washers, scraper, clips, pin, inserts.Suitable for stamping and forming parts.Auto components and others :clutch discs/washer, Wiper blade, ,seat belt spring.etc,

Q37.What Is The Commen Size Of Roller Shutter Spring?

Thickness x width  1.0-1.8 mm x 40-80mm

Q38.Can The Steel Strip Cut Into Sheet?

Steel strips of general thickness and width can be sliced.

Q39.What Are The Effects Of The Content Of Different Chemical Elements On The Physical Or Chemical Properties Of The Steel Strip?

The higher the carbon content, the higher the yield point and the tensile strength, but the lower plasticity and impact properties determine the hardness and toughness of the steel strip. The higher the carbon content, the greater the hardness and the better the oxidation resistance, but the worse the toughness, the easier it is broken.

The higher the Mn content, the better the toughness, plasticity and wear resistance of carbon steel. The increase of manganese content weakens the corrosion resistance of steel and reduces the welding performance.

Cr content can increase the strength and hardness of carbon steel, improve high-temperature mechanical properties, hardenability, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance

The Ni content increases the strength of the steel while maintaining good plasticity and toughness. Nickel has high corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis, rust and heat resistance at high temperatures.

CK75 / SK5 / 75Cr1 /51CrV4 / SK4 /SK85/ SK51 /D6A /X32 / B318 /M42

Q41.Do You Have Steel For Shoe Toe Making?

Yes. We have  CK50 /CK55 /CK60  annealed steel strip for steel shoe toe.

Q42.Do You Sell Bandsaw Blade Steel Material?

Yes. We sell different sizes of bandsaw blade material.

Q43.Do You Have A Chemical Composition Certificate For CK75?

Yes, we have a ck75 quality certificate.

Q44.Four English Expressions Of Heat Treatment?

Hardened and Tempered, Heat treatment, Heat Treating, H&T.

Q45.What’s The Quantity Of One Container?

  Baisc 20 FCL load 20-27tons

Q46.What Are The Tensile Strengths And Elongation Of Different Grades Of Steel Strips?

 According to user demands to produce

Q47.What Certifications Have Our Steel Strips Passed?

Passed CE, ISO, SGS, RoHs certification.

Q48 What’s the  Advantages of your steel products ?

1. High strength: Our steel strip is made of high-quality raw materials and treated by special process, which has good tensile strength and shear strength, which can meet all kinds of engineering needs.

2. Wear resistance and corrosion resistance: The surface of the steel strip is treated with special anti-corrosion, which has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and prolongs the service life.

3. Width Optional: According to your needs, we provide a variety of width options for your various shearing and welding operations.

4. After-sales guarantee: We promise that if there is any product quality problem, we will solve it for you as soon as possible, so that you can buy worry-free.

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