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75cr1 alloy steel strip

75Cr1 alloy steel strip

75Cr1 is an alloy tool steel with high carbon content and appropriate amount of chromium, and good heat treatment performance. It is often used to manufacture tools and parts that require high strength, high hardness and wear resistance.

Chemical Composition

Carbon (C)0.70-0.80%
Chromium (Cr)0.40-0.60%
Manganese (Mn)0.60-0.90%
Silicon (Si)0.15-0.35%
Phosphorus (P)≤0.030%
Sulfur (S)≤0.030%

Heat treatment of 75Cr1

Quenching: usually carried out at 780-820°C, followed by cooling in oil.
Tempering: tempering is carried out at 150-200°C after quenching to achieve the required hardness and toughness.

Application of 75Cr1 alloy steel strip

1. Cutting tools: Due to its high hardness and wear resistance, 75Cr1 is often used to manufacture cutting tools such as knives, scissors, saw blades, etc.
2. Molds: Suitable for making cold working molds, such as stamping molds, shearing molds, etc.
3. Springs: Due to its excellent elasticity and strength, 75Cr1 can also be used to make various types of springs.
4. Mechanical parts: Used to make mechanical parts that require high strength and wear resistance, such as bearings, gears, etc.

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