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C75S carbon steel strip for making wood cutting band saw blade

product code:Sophie.20240411
process:hard and tempred
Application:band saw blade
Width:2mm to 1250mm
Edge:slit, round ,square
shape condition :steel coil and sheet
Delivery Time:22-30 days
Oiled or Non-oiled:Slightly Oiled
Packaging Details:sea worthy export standard
Supply Ability:1500 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

C75S heat-treated high carbon spring steel strip for band saw

——superior performance, custom manufacturing and global supply

As a leading manufacturer of C75S heat-treated carbon steel, we provide high-strength, wear-resistant, easy-to-process steel solutions suitable for knives, springs, molds and other fields. Customized sizes and fast delivery to meet global customer needs. Explore our carbon steel heat treament product line!

C75S carbon steel: Comparative advantages between performance, use and similar materials

c75s carbon steel

C75S carbon steel characteristics


High carbon content: C75S carbon steel has a carbon content of approximately 0.70% to 0.80%. This feature gives the material extremely high hardness and strength, making it ideal for making high-strength, high-wear-resistant parts.

Heat treatment process: After scientific heat treatment process (such as quenching and tempering), C75S carbon steel can obtain excellent microstructure, further improving its hardness, toughness and dimensional stability. This process not only enhances the overall performance of the material, but also ensures long-lasting durability under a variety of working conditions.

High strength and wear resistance: Thanks to its high carbon content and optimized heat treatment, C75S carbon steel exhibits significantly high strength and high wear resistance. Its mechanical properties such as tensile strength and yield strength far exceed those of ordinary carbon steel, making it especially suitable for applications that bear heavy loads, frequent friction or impact.

C75S carbon steel uses

Cutting tool manufacturing: With its high hardness and good cutting performance, C75S carbon steel is often used to make various types of cutting tools, such as band saws, saw blades, etc., to ensure that the tools remain sharp and not easily worn during long-term use.

Advantages of C75S carbon steel compared with similar materials

Comparison with stainless steel: Although stainless steel is better than c75s carbon steel in corrosion resistance, it is slightly inferior in hardness, strength and wear resistance. In the environment where strict anti-corrosion requirements are not required, in the field of band saw blade production and manufacturing, its Better cost performance and performance. Additionally, C75S carbon steel coil can be significantly harder than most stainless steel grades after heat treatment, making it irreplaceable in certain applications.

Comparison with low alloy steel: Low alloy steel improves its mechanical properties by adding a small amount of alloying elements, but the cost is relatively high. In contrast, C75S carbon steel sheet can achieve higher strength and hardness at a lower cost by virtue of its pure carbon strengthening mechanism. It is especially suitable for saw blade manufacturer who are sensitive to material costs and need to take into account high strength and wear resistance requirements. them.

Chemical composition and mechanical properties of C75S carbon steel

c75s carbon steel Chemical composition list

Chemical composition

The typical chemical composition of C75S carbon steel is as follows:

Carbon (C) content: approximately 0.70% to 0.80%, which is the key factor determining its high hardness and strength.

Silicon (Si) content: about 0.15% to 0.35%, which helps to improve the strength and toughness of the material, and also helps improve grain refinement during heat treatment.

Manganese (Mn) content: about 0.60% to 1.00%, which increases the strength, hardness and hardenability of steel, while helping to refine grains and improve welding performance.

Phosphorus (P) content: ≤0.025%. If it is too high, it will reduce the plasticity and toughness of the steel. It should be strictly controlled at a low level to ensure material performance.

Sulfur (S) content: ≤0.025%, also needs to be strictly controlled. Excessive amount will cause the hot brittleness of steel to increase.

Other trace elements: such as nickel (Ni), chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo), etc., generally have low content (≤0.4%) and are used to fine-tune certain specific properties.


After proper heat treatment (such as quenching + tempering), the hardness of C75S carbon steel can usually reach a higher level. Depending on the specific heat treatment process parameters and material thickness, the hardness value may reach between 58 and 64 HRC in the Rockwell C (HRC) hardness test, ensuring its excellent performance in wear resistance and keeping the edge sharp.

Tensile strength and yield strength

After the heat treatment is completed, the mechanical properties of C75S carbon steel are significantly improved. The specific performance is as follows:

Tensile strength: The maximum stress that a material can withstand in a tensile test, usually in the range of 1000 to 1200MPa, reflects the material’s ability to resist fracture.

Yield Strength: The stress level at which a material begins to deform plastically (deform permanently without immediately breaking). For C75S carbon steel, the yield strength is usually between 800 and 1000MPa, which reflects that the material maintains a stable shape under stress.

Custom C75S Heat Treated Carbon Steel Coil and sheet

——Precision Machining and Global Shipping

carbon steel coil and sheet packages

company processing capabilities and customer service

As a professional C75S carbon steel supplier, our company not only provides high-quality raw materials, but also has comprehensive processing capabilities and an efficient service system to meet the diversified needs of global customers. The following are our core processing capabilities and customer service advantages:

Precision machining capabilities:

Our processing department has a series of precision processing equipment such as cold rolling, slitting, polishing, edge drawing, straightening, and cut-to-length slitting. It has strong precision processing capabilities and can customize satisfactory c75s special carbon steel products according to customer needs, used in band saw manufacturing.

Heat treatment services:

We are well aware of the importance of heat treatment to the final performance of C75S carbon steel. Therefore, the company has an advanced heat treatment production line in-house to provide a full range of heat treatment services. Including but not limited to quenching, tempering, normalizing, annealing and other processes, aiming to optimize key performance indicators such as hardness, strength, toughness, and wear resistance of materials. Our heat treatment engineers formulate scientific and rigorous heat treatment plans based on customers’ specific application needs and material specifications to ensure that each piece of C75S carbon steel can fully exert its potential and meet the requirements of harsh working conditions.

Special size customization and quick response:

Fully understanding our customers’ needs for non-standard sizes, we are happy to accept and are good at customizing special sizes. No matter what shape or size of C75S carbon steel product you need, our professional team can customize it according to drawings or detailed specifications to ensure that the product accurately meets your unique application needs. In addition, we always maintain flexible production scheduling and are able to adjust production lines in a short time and respond quickly to customers’ urgent orders or special requirements.

Global delivery:

As a company with a global perspective, we have established a complete logistics network to provide global distribution services. No matter where you are in the world, we can ensure that your C75S carbon steel order is delivered safely and on time. We cooperate with a number of well-known logistics companies to provide a variety of transportation options (sea transportation, air transportation, land transportation, etc.), and provide full cargo tracking services to ensure that you can keep track of your order status at any time. In addition, we are familiar with the import and export regulations and procedures of various countries, and can effectively assist customers in handling relevant procedures to ensure smooth customs clearance of goods.

In summary, with our comprehensive capabilities in precision machining, professional heat treatment services, special size customization, and global distribution, our company is committed to providing one-stop, customized heat treated alloy carbon steel solutions to global customers, ensuring delivery from raw materials to finished products Every aspect of the process meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Successful application

——C75S heat-treated carbon steel in the band saw manufacturing industry

c75s carbon steel coil
carbon steel band saw blade
band saw

Using c75s high carbon spring steel strip for band saw product manufacturing, this video shows the saw blade production line and finished product display of our saw blade factory Cgoodsaws.

Producing high-quality heat-treated steel strips, Jiaxiao MTC is professional, producing high-quality band saw blades, Cgoodsaws is professional

Strictly Quality Test Before Delivery

high carbon steel strip quality control

Jiaxiao MTC well know the most import features of the hardened and tempered steel strip material, so we will test:

1)hardness test
2)flatness test
3)straightness test
4)thickness test
5)width test
6)microstructure test

so that we can make sure our material suitable for customer’s requirements.

ensure your C75S heat-treated carbon steel purchasing experience

Professional technical support and perfect after-sales service

At our company, customer satisfaction is always our top priority. To this end, we not only provide high-quality products, but also provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales services to ensure that you enjoy a worry-free shopping experience when purchasing and using C75S carbon steel. The following is information about the technical support and after-sales services we provide:

Professional technical support

Material selection consultation: Our team of technical experts has profound materials knowledge and rich industry experience, and can provide you with accurate C75S carbon steel and other related materials based on your specific application needs, working environment, budget and other factors. Selection recommendations to ensure that the selected material closely matches the application requirements.

Heat treatment suggestions: For the heat treatment of C75S carbon steel, our engineers will provide customized heat treatment plans and process parameter suggestions based on your product design, performance requirements and subsequent processing steps to ensure that the material fully realizes its excellent mechanical properties and Durability.

Interpretation of the quality test report: For the quality test report attached to the product, our technical staff will explain the meaning of each indicator in detail to help you fully understand the performance parameters of C75S carbon steel and ensure that you have an in-depth understanding of the purchased product. Knowledge and confidence.

After-sales service

Quality Assurance: We provide strict quality assurance on all C75S carbon steel products sold. All products meet or exceed relevant international and domestic standards and undergo strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. If there is a quality problem with the product under normal use conditions, we will promptly resolve it for you in accordance with the warranty policy.

Return and Exchange Policy: We have a fair and transparent return and exchange policy. Within the specified period after receiving the product, if you find that the product has quality problems or does not match the order specifications, you only need to provide relevant proof, and we will unconditionally handle the return and exchange procedures for you to ensure that your rights and interests are not harmed.

Continuous care: After purchase, we will also conduct regular customer return visits to pay attention to your usage, collect feedback, continue to improve our products and services, and truly grow with our customers.

In short, with professional technical support and perfect after-sales service, our company is committed to providing every customer with a comprehensive and personalized service experience to ensure that you feel our care in the process of purchasing and using C75S carbon steel. Professional, focused and attentive. Choosing us means choosing peace of mind and trust.

Jiaxiao MTC Overview of steel grades

Material GroupMaterial Grades
Material-1CK45, CK50, CK55, CK60, CK67, CK70, CK75, CK95, CK100
Material -2SAE1045, SAE1050, SAE1055, SAE1060, SAE1065, SAE1070, SAE1075, SAE1085, SAE1095
Material-3C1045, C1050, C1055, C1060, C1065, C1070, C1075, C1085, C1095
Material-4C45S, C50S, C60S, C70S, C75S,C80S, C95S
Material-5C45, C50, C55, C60, C65, C67, C70, C75, C80, C95
Material-675Cr1, 50CrV4,51CrV4, D6A, 75Ni8,SK5, 60Si2Mn, SK85,65G,65Mn,   50#, 60#, T8, T10,AISI 420, 430,M42, M51/D6A, X32


heat treated spring steel strip

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Application areas

Hardened & Tempered steel strip / sheet Application areas

Circular saw blade

circular saw blade

circular saw blade

Safety belt buckle made of hardened and tempered steel strip

seat belt buckle

Saw blade made of heat treatment steel strip

Band Saw Blade

Rolling shutter door accessories made from heat treatment spring steel

Roller Shutter Springs

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