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CK50 High Carbon Steel Strip for Industrial Applications

Product Description

CK50 steel strip is a high carbon steel with excellent strength and wear resistance. It is widely used in applications requiring high durability and resistance to abrasion, such as automotive parts, industrial tools, and agricultural machinery. The chemical composition and physical properties of CK50 steel strip allow it to perform well even in harsh environments.

Application Examples

  1. Automotive Industry: Used in the manufacture of gears, shafts, and suspension springs.
  2. Industrial Tools: Ideal for producing wear-resistant tools and dies.
  3. Agricultural Machinery: Applied in high-strength and durable components like plowshares and harrow teeth.

Product Parameters

Parameter Details
Material CK50 High Carbon Steel
Standards DIN 1.1206, AISI 1050, JIS S50C
Specifications Width: 0.8-1500mm, Thickness: 1.0-4mm
Coil Weight 500-2000 kg
Hardness 180-230 HB
Dimensional Tolerances Width: ±0.2mm, Thickness: ±0.01mm
Chemical Composition Carbon (C): 0.47-0.55%, Manganese (Mn): 0.50-0.80%, Silicon (Si): 0.15-0.30%, Phosphorus (P): ≤0.040%, Sulfur (S): ≤0.040%
Delivery Condition Annealed, Hardened, or Custom Treated
Mechanical Properties Tensile Strength: 650-850 MPa, Yield Strength: 340-460 MPa, Elongation: 14-20%
Surface Quality Smooth, free of scale or other defects
Packaging Anti-rust paper, plastic film, wooden pallets
Inner Diameter 508mm, 610mm
Production Cycle 2-4 weeks
Customization Dimensions, hardness, and surface treatment can be customized to meet customer requirements
Range Available in various widths and thicknesses to suit different industrial needs

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