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High Carbon Steel Strip CK60 steel Coil for Springs and Blades

Product Introduction and Application Examples:

  • Steel Strip Type: High carbon steel strip
  • Chemical Composition: Contains carbon (C) content of 0.57-0.65%, with appropriate levels of Silicon (Si), Manganese (Mn), Phosphorus (P), Sulfur (S), meeting industry standards.
  • Physical Properties: Exhibits excellent strength and elasticity, suitable for high-demand applications in springs and blades.
  • Manufacturing Process: Cold rolled and heat-treatment.
  • Main Applications: Primarily used in manufacturing springs, blades, and precision tools requiring high strength and wear resistance.

Product Parameters:

Parameter Name Parameter Value or Description
Material  high carbon steel CK60 steel coil
Standard According to customer or industry standards
Specifications Customized per customer requirements
Coil Weight Depending on specifications and dimensions
Hardness As per customer requirements or standard
Dimensional Tolerance Compliant with industry standards
Chemical Composition C: 0.57-0.65%, Si, Mn, P, S as per standard
Delivery Condition cold rolled, annealed state
Mechanical Properties Strength, elongation per specific request
Surface Quality Bright or precision surface per customer
Packaging Customized packaging as per requirements
Inner Diameter According to customer specifications
Production Lead Time Based on order quantity and production process
Customization Options High, can adjust technical parameters as per customer
Applications Widely used in springs, blades, tool manufacturing, etc.
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