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High Quality C67S annealed steel strip coil

At present, the main types of annealed steel strips we produce are: full hydrogen annealed steel strip, spheroidized annealed steel strip, and general annealed steel strip.

Annealed Steel

Our high quality C67S annealed steel coils are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and strict quality control measures. These coils offer consistent mechanical properties and excellent dimensional accuracy, making them the first choice for precision engineering and manufacturing projects.

Full hydrogen annealing

using full hydrogen as the protective gas during annealing,not only significantly improves the heat transfer efficiency and the annealing capacity of the bell furnace, but also improves the uniformity of the furnace temperature, ensure the mechanical properties of the steel strip, and improve the intrinsic quality and surface quality of cold rolled plates.

Spheroidizing annealing

Spheroidizing annealing is an annealing process to spheroidize carbides in steel. Our factory can achieve the spheroidization rate Min 95%.

c67s annealed steel
Annealed Steel coil
cold rolled annealed steel

Heat the steel to 20~30℃ above Ac1, keep it for a period of time, then slowly cool to a temperature slightly lower than Ac1, and stay for a period of time to complete the transformation of the structure, and obtain spherical or granular carbide structure uniformly distributed on the ferrite matrix .

Spheroidizing annealing is mainly used for hypereutectoid carbon steels and alloy tool steels (such as steels used in manufacturing cutting tools, measuring tools, and molds). Its main purpose is to reduce hardness, improve machinability, and prepare for subsequent quenching. This process is conducive to plastic processing and cutting, and also improve mechanical toughness.

General annealing

Steel strip is heated to a certain temperature and cooled slowly after sufficient heat preservation to obtain an independent operation process of balanced structure. The purpose is to improve the plasticity of the steel, facilitate the forming process, reduce the hardness of the steel, facilitate the cutting process, refine the grain, and uniform the structure to improve the toughness of steel

Annealed Steel Strip Major application:

1)Car Manufacturing: car clutch diaphragm spring, friction plate, car seat belt buckle, seat slide, bearing ring,Car engine valve rocker arm, etc.

2)Various door locks 

3)Shock-absorbing disc spring washer

4)Shoe accessories, etc.

5)Hairpin, pin etc.

Main steel gradeCK45/CK50/CK55/CK60/CK67/CK75/SK5/SK85/51CrV4/50CrV4/60Si2MnA/T8A/T10Aetc.





Annealed strength


Monthly average capacity

1500 ton*12

Coil weight

According to customer’s requirement

Inner diameter


Delivery time

15-20 days

Annealing Steel
narrow annealed steel strip
what is annealed steel

Annealed Steel Strip manufacturer

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Application areas

Annealed Steel Strip Application areas

Metal washers made of annealed steel

hand operated tools

Annealed spring steel has a wide range of capabilities and is well suited for commercial applications. It is commonly used to manufacture objects including springs, washers, saw blades, antennas and other components used in hand tool manufacturing.
Lawn mower components made from annealed steel strip

commercial manufacturing

Annealed spring steel, often referred to as "general purpose" steel, is a material commonly used in commercial manufacturing for parts used in lawn mowers and vehicles.
Metal parts made from annealed steel strips

Hardware tools accessories

Annealed steel strip has good mechanical properties, wear resistance and toughness, and can be used in various door locks, shock-absorbing disc spring washers, hairpins and other hardware parts.
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