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Stainless hardened steel strip

Stainless steel rigid strip refers to the stainless steel strip that has undergone a certain process treatment in the production process to make it have high hardness. The hardness of stainless steel rigid strip is usually divided into the following types

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1.Soft state (HV150 degrees): The stainless steel strip in this state has good ductility, toughness and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for occasions that need to be processed and formed, such as stretching, bending, etc.

2.Quarter H (HV180 degrees or more): This stainless steel strip has a high hardness and is suitable for general industrial use, such as screws, nuts, etc.

3.One-half H (HV310 degrees or more): This stainless steel strip has high tensile strength and wear resistance, and is suitable for occasions with higher requirements, such as chemical, aviation and other fields.

4.Three-quarters H (HV370 degrees or more): This stainless steel strip has high hardness and strength, which is suitable for high-strength and high-wear-resistant occasions.

5.H (HV430 degrees or above): This stainless steel strip has high hardness and wear resistance, which is suitable for more demanding industrial environments, such as construction, petrochemical industry, etc.

6.EH (HV490 degrees or more) and SH (HV530 degrees or more): These two stainless steel strips have extremely high hardness and strength, which are suitable for high-strength applications in extreme environments.

Stainless hardened steel strip application
High hardness stainless steel strip

Stainless steel strips of different hardness have different properties and uses. When purchasing stainless steel rigid strips, it is necessary to choose the appropriate hardness according to the actual needs and applications. At the same time, stainless steel strips with higher hardness may require more effort and cost in the processing process, so they should be considered comprehensively in practical applications.

Material grade : SUS201 , SUS301, SUS304

Workable size : thickness 0.20-1.5mm, width 10-400mm Hardness , coil weight , finish surface  according to end user demands. Standard package for sea worthy .

Application areas

Stainless hardened steel strip Application areas

Medical scissors made of stainless steel

Medical Instruments and Implants

Aerospace precision springs made of stainless steel

Precision Springs for Aerospace

Metal phone holder made of stainless steel

mobile phone holder

Kitchen knives made of stainless steel

High-Quality Kitchen Knives

Professional customization

Can be customized according to customer requirements

tinplate sheet

Surface treatment:

white, blue, gold, gray, gloss
High quality blue steel strip

Finished edge:

slit, round on both sides, slit on one side, round on one side, square,Hardness, roll weight, roll inner diameter according to customer requirements

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