51CrV4 alloy spring steel strip coil and sheet

51CrV4 alloy spring steel

51CrV4 is a commonly used alloy spring steel, its name comes from its chemical composition and material performance characteristics. Here is a detailed description of this steel: 51CrV4 spring steel strip approximate comparison table Country / Standard China(GB)/ISC Taiwan (CNS) Japan (JIS) South Korea (KS) USA (AISI)/UNS International (UNS) Germany (DINEN/DIN)/W-Nr. France (NF EN/NF) European (EN) Russia (GOST) Sweden […]

China High Carbon Steel Heat Treatment Metal Processing & Manufacturing Trader – Jiaxiao MTC

Steel strip slitting mill

Introduction A. Brief overview of Jiaxiao MTC  Jiaxiao MTC is a high-quality high-carbon steel strip metal processing manufacturer and supplier.Established in 2015 and nestled in the bustling city of Guangzhou, China, our company is dedicated to offering a full spectrum of heat treatment, metal processing, and manufacturing solutions. We specialize in the supply of heat-treated […]

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